About Us

About US

Missmanaged Theatre was co-founded in 2017 by Rachel Harper and Catherine Chalk, and is committed to celebrating female artists.

Tired of reading statistics of all the theatres that, yet again, programmed seasons with no female directors, playwrights, designers (the list sadly goes on), we have decided to take matters into our own hands. At Missmanaged, we aim to create well rounded, fully representational theatre, particularly focusing on taboo topics and under-represented voices, and at the helm of every production is an all-female creative team. 

We want our work to have a life both on and off the stage, so alongside each Missmanaged production we will be holding a range of workshops, scratch nights and showcasing opportunities inspired by the topic of our current production. We hope to create collaborative, supportive spaces for female artists to develop and showcase their work, whilst encouraging discussion and conversation around the subject of our plays.

We have exciting times ahead of us, so keep your eye out for opportunities to get involved. And remember that whatever the work, it’ll be managed by the Misses!

8901 Marmora Road, Glasgow

D04 89GR

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